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Auto Transmission specialist Job

Posted: Yesterday
Place: Industrial Area
• Automatic transmission specialists are responsible for repairing the manual as well as the automatic transmissions that are present in the different vehicles. They are also able to raise automotive vehicles like buses and trucks using the hoists or jacks. They also remove the transmissions using the hand tools of the mechanics.

• They are also responsible for dissembling the transmission units and replacing the worn out and broken parts such as the gears, valves, and seals.

• They make use of wrenches and adjust the bands, pumps as well as gears.

• Once the transmissions are repaired then these automatic transmission specialists install them and fill them with the proper liquid.

• They also adjust the operating lineage and try to test the car operations on the road.

• At times these automatic transmission specialists adjust the carburetor as well.

• They also verify the speed of the motor that is idle and they do it by making necessary adjustments in a device called a tachometer.

• These automatic transmission specialists specialize in repairing automatic transmissions and they can well be referred to as automatic transmission mechanics.

• With proven experience of 3 yrs

• Can join immediately

Address:Villa 94 Building 224, street No. 250, D-Ring Road

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