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Fire Watch and Hole Watch Weeks Vacancy

Posted: 02-12-2019
Fire watch (2 weeks only)
Hole watch (2 weeks only)
Pl mention post in the subject coloumn
Fire watch personnel maintain surveillance of areas where hot work -- welding or cutting with torches -- has occurred. Welding and cutting both cause Sparks and bits of molten metal to fly into the surrounding area. The fire watch maintains a lookout for small fires started by these Sparks and bits of slag. Should a fire begin to develop or occur, they execute their primary duty of sounding the alarm and, if possible, attempt to control the fire.
Hole watch is part of the work associated with confined space work, such as work inside storage tanks or tight spaces between two bulkheads. The team member on hole watch maintains communication with the personnel in the confined space, or hole. In case of an emergency, the worker on hole watch maintains situational awareness and raises the alarm about the emergency. For example, if weather conditions deteriorate and pose a hazard, the worker on hole watch can advise personnel in the hole and assist them in leaving the confined space.


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