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Shawarma Maker BBQ Section Positions

Posted: 47 days ago

1. **Preparation and Marination:** Prepare and marinate meat, typically chicken, beef, or lamb, with a blend of spices and seasonings to enhance flavor and tenderness, following established recipes and portion sizes.
2. **Cooking and Grilling:** Skewer marinated meat onto the vertical rotisserie and cook it slowly over an open flame or grill, ensuring even cooking and a crispy exterior while retaining moisture and juiciness.
3. **Slicing and Assembly:** Slice cooked meat thinly using a specialized knife or electric Slicer and assemble Shawarma wraps or plates with a variety of accompaniments, including Pita bread, salad, pickles, sauces, and condiments.
4. **Quality Control:** Inspect meat for freshness and quality, maintaining high standards of food safety and hygiene throughout the preparation and cooking process. Monitor cooking temperatures and adjust as needed to ensure food safety.
5. **Customization:** Customize Shawarma orders based on customer preferences, accommodating dietary restrictions, allergies, and special requests as required.
6. **Efficiency and Speed:** Work efficiently to fulfill customer orders promptly, maintaining a steady flow of Shawarma production to meet demand during peak hours while minimizing wait times.
7. **Customer Interaction:** Interact with customers in a friendly and engaging manner, taking orders, providing menu recommendations, and ensuring customer satisfaction with their Shawarma experience.
8. **Team Collaboration:** Collaborate with kitchen staff and other team members to coordinate food preparation, maintain inventory levels, and ensure smooth operations in the BBQ section.
9. **Cleanliness and Maintenance:** Clean and sanitize equipment, surfaces, and utensils regularly to uphold food safety standards and ensure a clean and hygienic work environment. Report any equipment malfunctions or maintenance issues promptly.

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